Bad Weather Afternoon

Happy Friday everyone!

Hope everyone is safe from all this bad weather that's been going on. This kind of weather stresses me out and I do NOT like it at all.

I also apologize for being MIA this week. There have been several things going on, and things on my mind, but I'm back with you!

Taking it back to some of yesterday's happenings...I had an early morning client, got some work done, did a workout, and went to Walgreen's to pick up a few things, including some prints of pictures I've been wanting.

If you love having pictures around, listen up!

Walgreen's Photo Service is amazing! You can go to their website, upload what pictures you want prints of (or photo gifts), and within an hour they are ready for pick-up! I plan to continue to use them in the future.

As I got back to my apartment, I heard the sirens going off for all the weather. I was so stressed and glued to the news so I could know exactly where everything is, that I didn't get around to lunch until 2pm. 

I forgot to take a picture, but I had a spinach salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, sesame seeds, avocado, some pea crisps on the side, and a small protein shake (unfortunately with water since I was out of almond milk)

After the weather calmed down a good bit, I hopped in the shower and decided to try out the new face mask I got from Walgreens.

This is the Studio 35 Beauty Detoxifying Charcoal Mask.

It is enriched with a Bamboo Charcoal, which is supposed to help detoxify your skin by absorbing any extra oil. So if you have oily skin like me, definitely give this a try!

Matt came by later on when he left work. They closed the zoo early due to weather, so he came over so I wouldn't be by myself in any possibility of  more tornado warnings. 

We watched some Orange is the New Black (on Netflix) and relaxed a bit since the weather was better. (This equaled a less stressed Emily). I just don't do well with tornado warnings!

I made sure to sip on plenty of water throughout the afternoon, because I could tell my body had not had enough. I'm not always the best at getting enough water, especially during the summer, and my body sure lets me know when I don't!

For dinner, I decided to cook us the ground turkey meat I had purchased from Aldi last week, and I made some guacamole to go with it. Well, Matt cooked the meat and I made the guacamole. I topped it with bell pepper and a little shredded cheese on top. All on top of some spinach greens!

After dinner we got back to another episode or two of Orange is the New Black, and then there was a knock on my door.

My BOXED shipment came in! Yay!

I didn't expect it to come yesterday with all the weather, but I was happy to see it.

BOXED is an online store where you can purchase household items, groceries, etc., in bulk and at low prices!

I will do a detailed post about them soon. I absolutely love them! I ordered toilet paper, a pub mix, almond milk, and a few free sample options

I decided to have a cup of coffee once I opened it all so I could try this little waffle cookie.

I really need to stop any coffee drinking at night. It doesn't keep me up, but more often I have been wanting a cup after dinner....

So, nothing too exciting for my Thursday afternoon, but when weather is bad, there's not much to do (at least for me) without worrying too much. But the afternoon/evening was relaxing once everything calmed down. 

I have a cake testing tomorrow morning for the wedding cake and maybe groom's cake, so I will recap that next week!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Things I'm Loving Friday #5

Happy Friday again friends!

Another week has flown by, and I can't believe June is already half over!

I feel like just yesterday I was thinking, "I can't believe it's already May!!"

To end the week, here are some things I am loving. :D

1. Supergreens

You know me...I love my greens! I've been on the lookout for a superfood/supergreens powder I can add to my smoothies for an extra boost of vitamins, minerals, and all that good stuff. 

I came across this last week and I am a huge fan! 

Look at all this great ingredients packed into this one food! I know to you guys, it probably sounds disgusting, but just like any other greens in a smoothie, if you have fruit in it too, like bananas, you will not taste it at all.

You can find this product HERE

2. Body Armor Coconut Water

A guy at work gave this my dad, saying his wife had bought it and he didn't like it. He asked my dad if he would drink it, and he told him I would probably like it. 

I had never heard of this brand before. I think they are pretty new. On the bottle it says their drink is a combo of an electrolyte drink + coconut water. This flavor was Cherry Berry, which was actually really good! 

I'm not sure where it was purchased from, but I will have to find this again soon!

3. New Craft Projects

I made a cross similar to this for my Granny's birthday a couple of years ago, and have been wanting to make a version of it for myself.

For some reasons, I had a hard time finding the exact cross I used at Hobby Lobby, but I finally found it the other week. 

I first spray painted the cardboard craft cross with a gold glitter spray paint, then I hot glued a smaller, decorative cross in the middle, glued a piece of twine on the back to hang it up, and boom! :)

4. Creative Ways to Say "I Love You"

The other day Matt wrote down a math equation and asked me to help him figure it out. I didn't know why he was asking me to, because math is NOT my thing. We talked through it together and when we got to the answer, it basically said I <3 You, except it was:

i < 3u

Clever, I know. I thought it was a cute way to say I love you. It was unexpected and fun.

5. No More Stitches for Matt!!

This past Wednesday Matt finally got his stitches out from where he cut open his leg at work a few weeks ago.

He (and I) are ecstatic for them to be out. He can go up stairs better, dance around, and actually be able to do a full day's work again...even though he DID cut his finger his first full day back....

Either way, the stitches are out and right in time for the weekend!

I have some good things planned this weekend, and I can't wait to celebrate Father's Day on Sunday.

Have a fabulous weekend!


My Top Favorite Podcasts

Throughout the years, technology has improved and become more advanced in just about all areas: televisions, phones, computers, and even radio. 

For several years now, there have been things called Podcasts.

Podcasts are digital audio files that can be downloaded from the internet either to a computer or to your phone. They are usually in a series, or installments if you will, that are are available to anyone who wants to listen. Most podcasts have a button where you can subscribe and instantly get notified when a new one has been posted.

I started listening to podcasts when I was still at Belmont in Nashville. As I picked up running, I became bored with listening to my music at times, and I just wanted a change of pace.

Enter podcasts. The thing I love about them is that you can choose whatever category or topic you want to hear. There are so many choices out there for every topic under the sun.

Here are my top favorite podcasts that I am currently (and still) listening to. 

1. Joyce Meyer Podcast (TV audio)

I've been listening to these podcasts from Joyce Meyer for several years now. Most people know who she is, but if you don't, she is a highly known Christian speaker and author. She gives great messages that you can find on tv at different times, but I love the option of the podcast.

There are different styles of her podcast available, but I love the TV Audio one the best. All are around 30 minutes and there are usually several that come out within a 1-2 week span.

2. Jillian Michaels Podcast

This is also another one I have been listening to for quite some time. I have been a Jillian Michaels fan since...I don't remember. I have her DVD workouts which I would do in High School when I was first truly getting into fitness, I watched her on the Biggest Loser for a short time, and have been listening to her podcasts.

What I love about hers is that it's not just a fitness podcast. They cover any and every topic. Their opening segment is always light hearted and a great way to start the episode. She has a few other people on her podcast crew, and together they do a fabulous job. 

Her episodes come in a variety of times. Sometimes they are 30-40 minutes, and sometimes they are closer to an hour.

3. No Meat Athlete

Most of you know I am not a big meat eater. I prefer living a life focused on plant based foods because that's what makes me feel my best.

I stumbled on this podcast during my college years...when I first started eating more plant based foods. Matt Frazier is the main guy (the no meat athlete) and his podcasts sticks primarily to nutrition and running. I absolutely love it for tips/advice on running, as well as the possibility for new recipe ideas. 

4. The Bodylove Project

This podcast is a newer one for me. Jessi Haggerty is the lead girl, and her theme for the podcast is (like the title) is body love, accepting and loving ourselves where we are, etc. So far I have loved this podcast and the topics she covers. It's a genuine one to listen to because she also has had body image struggles. 


There are other topics I want to search under for a podcast. but for now I will stick to these 4. Since I don't listen to them everyday, I don't want to go overboard! 

I recommend giving it a try and seeing what you can find. There are so many podcasts out there that you are sure to find one you like!

On the Iphone, you should have a podcast app button (or you could easily download it otherwise...for free!). Even when I had my Samsung phone, I had access to podcasts, so it should be easy to find them. 

If you have one, or find one, you like, let me know! I'd love to hear what other people listen to!


Let's Talk Primary Food

Happy Monday Friends!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was busy, but greatly spent with family, friends, good food, and plenty of coffee. :D

Today I wanted to talk about something I am learning through my program with Institute of Integrative Nutrition: Primary Food.

Primary Food. What is is? What does it mean? Is it really food?

Primary Food, according to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN), is anything that is NOT food: relationships, career, finances, social life, home environment, creativity, and even spirituality. They also refer to this as the circle of life. 

Have you ever fallen in love? Been completely involved on an exciting project/idea? Have you ever loved/hated your job, or worked hard to get your dream job?

ALL that (and more) is considered primary food. The food we eat, and the foods that nourish our bodies, are simply secondary.

It's the things that feed us--just not on a plate like actual food.

It's just as important for your health if all the factors in the circle above are balanced in your life. If one is off, it can affect other areas, and in turn it affects your health.

Let's use an example of relationships. If you are in a relationship, whether it is with a friend or a boyfriend/girlfriend, or husband/wife, and it is not thriving, it can affect you in other areas of that circle. If you are in a bad or stressful relationship, that could roll over into affecting your joy, your career...and if something affects your career it could possibly even lead to financial struggles, etc. Get my point?

Having a career that doesn't stress you out is vitally important to your health. High stress jobs not only affect other areas of life (say a parent comes on mad about things from work and throws that on to their family), but it can cause other health trouble, such as high blood pressure. 

Finding/Choosing a job that you love is something that has been important to me. I've tried a couple other things and was just not happy with them. Personal Training, and soon Health Coaching, is what I'm passionate about and it's what I LOVE to do. HOMEFIT has been a blessing to me in building my career as a personal trainer. I love the company, what they stand for, and the fact that I can travel to people's houses to train them. 

The only time I stress any is when it's a slow season of the year for training and I lose clients. But I know I will get some back, and even gain some new ones.

Even creativity is just as much a part of that circle of life/primary food. Creativity doesn't mean you go out and paint or draw a masterpiece, or even write a poem or book everyone will love. Everyone is creative in their own way. It can be with an idea, a solution to something, a response, or even just changing the way you think or act. 

Creativity, or being creative, means you are creating. It's one of the things that help us guide ourselves through situations in life to keep us healthy and happy. What's best about creativity is that there is no "one size fits all". Creativity has unlimited possibilities!

I like to be creative when it comes to arts + crafts. I'm not the best painter or drawer around, but I love to try different things and make things for other people. 


Let's go back to that circle for a minute.

What areas of your life, your primary food, are thriving? What areas need improving or more love? 

Here is a test you can do to find out. 

In the circle chart below, place a dot on the line for each "pie piece" based on your satisfaction in that area. The closer to the middle of the chart you are, the less satisfied/happy, and the further away from the middle you are, the more satisfied/happy you are.

Once you have dots all around, connect all of them to find out what areas are unbalanced compared to others. 

IIN does this exact test for all of their students during the program, so ALL credit goes to them for this chart/test.

It is a great way to find out what areas need working on!

Joshua Rosenthal, the founder of Institute of Integrative Nutrition, said this: "Secondary foods don't come close to giving us the joy, meaning, and fulfillment primary food provides". 

(All information from this post is what I have learned from the IIN program! )


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Things I'm Loving Friday #4

Happy Friday once again!

I can't believe another week has come and is almost gone. To end the week, I thought I'd share some of my current things I'm loving.

Essential Oils while practicing yoga

I've been trying to get back into yoga, and adding it to my weekly fitness routine. I get bored easy, but I am finding some great youtube videos to follow that do not leave me bored. I love how I feel afterwards! 

The other day I decided instead of lighting a candle, I would mix my lavender and peppermint essential oils from Young Living. It was perfect! Anytime I do yoga now, I will want the diffuser going instead of a candle...and I love my candles.

Good Reads: Walking on Water

I am only a few chapters in with this book, and I love it already. It's about a man who loses his wife and decides to go on a walk across America. The book is written as if he had written it in his journal. It's a good change of pace book from your normal summer romance. It covers his experience in meeting new and interesting people, and gaining a new perspective on life.

Believe it or not, I found this book at a thrift store (Vapor Thrift) down 280!

"Not Your Mother's" Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

Any time I have my hair down or don't feel like drying and straightening it, I love to spray this in my hair for a little extra body. It really does almost feel like you have been walking along the beach a while, but you don't feel yucky. It's the perfect combo to give your hair the little extra "umph" it may need. I spray it on, scrunch my hair, let it dry, and it does great!

L'OREAL Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Lotion

I have tried a few different self-tanning lotion in my days, and so far this one has been my favorite! It doesn't smell bad, it leaves my skin with a slight hint of shimmer, and it doesn't leave streaks....when you are completely dry. There was one or two times when I first got the lotion that I thought I was completely dry getting out of the shower, and the lotion told me otherwise the next day. Luckily, they were in places I could cover up, or just weren't too noticeable: upper-back leg, side of foot. 

Matt's Picture for Passport

Guys, I saved the best for last! I love this picture for Matt's passport. We went last week to apply for our for our honeymoon (we are going on a cruise!) and when he got his picture back he kept saying, "It looks like a mugshot! It's like I've seen things..." Haha! We both loved it, and the man helping us got a kick out of Matt's comments! 

Got a few good things going on this weekend, so it's time to get to it!

Have a wonderful weekend! :)

The Best Headbands Ever

I once was the girl who was always in a hat when working out, running, and even sometimes when I train people. 

It wasn't until recently I went on a search to find a headband I could fall in love with...something wide, something that would stay in place, and something comfortable.

Then I came across the company FitNorthWest on Etsy,com

(You can click HERE to go straight to their page)   


They sell Fitness/Running/Yoga headbands at a very affordable price. What first drew me to them was not only the headbands, but that they are 2 sisters (Emily + Erica), former college athletes, and they love being active. 

I thought to myself, "They must know the struggle with some of these other headbands out there that are not comfortable and never stay in place!" 


They have so many colors and patterns in their headbands, that it makes it hard to decide which one you want! 

I love the width of them, because being someone with bangs, a lot of the smaller width bands don't hold them back well, even if I take bobby pins to help out.

I also love that I can be more casual with these bands, too. If I want to wear one of the bands but not have my hair up in a ponytail. I can still do that and be comfortable!

One of their bands even got me through the ER visit with Matt last week! haha :)

It stays in place so well when I am running/working out, too. I am a fan when something can keep hair out of my face and it stays in place!

I have about 3-4 now. and a brand new one on the way! The one I ordered last week is so fun and is perfect for the summertime! It will go with many of my clothes. 

Definitely go check them out if you are in the need for a new headband! They even have a coupon code for 15% your order when you buy at least 3 headbands. 


Weekend Happenings, Eats, + Future Goals

Good morning, all!

First thing I want to mention is my lack of blogging the last couple of weeks. For several days...besides being busy...I was in a weird funk and didn't know what I wanted to write about. I then decided I wanted to change up the appearance of the blog. Somewhere along the way I accidentally hit something that made me lose my content!! So anything I have blogged in the past is gone somewhere. I'm working on trying to find it, but for now, we will start back here.

 I will begin this weekend recap with Friday.

The morning was filled with clients and errands, and by 12, Matt told me he was leaving work. 

Backing up a little: Wednesday he cut open his leg at work(pretty deep I might add), and had to be sent to the ER. So I went up there Wednesday evening stressing out and worrying, only to find Matt calm and joking around with the nurses....

He tried going back  to work Friday, but since the cut was deep and they had to put 8 stitches in him, he had a hard time being able to do a lot of things. His work requires a lot of physical labor and walking around. 

He came over so I could take care of him and him get some rest.

He ate his PB + J sandwich that was packed for work, and I fixed a salad:

Romaine lettuce topped with bell peppers, black bean mixture, and an egg muffin I made (basically like a boiled egg).

After lunch, Matt relaxed while I did a little studying, work, and cleaning around the apartment. I cleaned up the kitchen, vacuumed, picked up some, and hung up my scarves in my new holder my Granny got for me.

I love owls + scarves, so this was perfect! I also didn't realize how many scarves I had either!

My dad did an awesome job on my new necklace holder too! Thanks to Matt for hanging it up.

For a break in between Matt and I enjoyed some iced coffee and donuts. 

Friday was National Donut Day, and I had ran by Dunkin Donuts earlier to get us some treats. You got a free donut with a purchase of any drink.

I got an iced coffee with almond milk and sugar free hazelnut flavor.

My donut was their vanilla cake batter. I only had half of it with my coffee. It was delicious!!

After a little more cleaning, I did a quick workout with my resistance bands and furniture sliders, got a shower, and started on some dinner for Matt and I.

I chopped up some peppers and onion from the garden at home and added them into the hamburger patties. I roasted some broccoli and potatoes along with it, and I topped all mine on the rest of my romaine lettuce. Yum!

I'm not a huge meat person, and for a good many years since college, I've followed more of a whole foods, plant based lifestyle. I first decided to not eat meat for the obvious reason: to help me lose a little weight. That was a dumb reason to begin with. But then I truly started loving how it made me feel, especially in my workouts and my running! 

So now I may eat meat a couple times a week, but I still follow that plant based lifestyle 80% of the time. 


Breakfast Saturday morning was a bowl of oatmeal with peach slices and 1 T of PB.

I went over to my parents house mid morning to visit, and was able to finish up on a project/craft I've been wanting to make for a while.

I spray painted an aluminum can with a navy color, and spray painted just the bottom with this metallic paint I found at Hobby Lobby.

 I liked it so much that I decided to make 2! I'll be finding some flowers this week to put in the cans. I'll post a pic of the final product with flowers in them.

I also got an outdoor workout in that included sprints and some strength training.

I used Dad's barbell to do a mix of lower and upper body exercises: squats, deadlifts, shoulder presses, upright rows, and bicep curls. Those sprints is what got me though! I was a sweaty mess!

On my way back, I picked up lunch from Panera Bread using their awesome app. You can use their rapid pick-up option to order food ahead of time, so when you get there, all you do is find the bag with your name on it and you're good to go!

I got the Pick-Two option: 1/2 vegetarian corn chowder, and 1/2 basic garden salad.

I was a little disappointed this time on the salad. I've never been given this little salad in their to-go boxes!! Nevertheless, it was still tasty and I will be getting that vegetarian corn chowder again!

Matt was back over and fell into a good nap, so I watched some Netflix and relaxed. 

Then it was time for coffee (my Mother's Day present from Matt) and the other half of my vanilla cake batter donut. (Sprints=half a donut)

I did some more blogging + studying the rest of the afternoon.


Breakfast Sunday morning was another bowl of oatmeal with 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, and 1 T of PB before heading off to Church.

After Church, me and the fam went to The Bright Star for lunch.

I ordered their vegetable plate (turnip greens, corn, black eyed peas, + candied yams) but I only ate the turnip greens and the black eyed peas. Dad let me have some of his grilled catfish to go with it.

The rest of the afternoon I did some more work, did the dishes, baked brownies for Matt, had some coffee, and picked up some groceries.

I don't always shop at Publix. Normally I go to Sprouts, Aldi's, or Walmart, but Publix had some GREAT buy one get one deals today! :)


Now to shift gears a little. 

I thought I would share with you some of my future goals, both for my blog and for my career.


Some things in the near future for the blog:

- More Nutrition/Wellness Posts

-Intuitive Eating Series (I am excited about this series. I'm reading the book now and it's wonderful!)

-Some DIY projects/crafts

-More restaurant + product reviews

-A few guest posts for extra inspiration and insight.


-Obviously, as a personal trainer, I'd like to keep up with consistent clients, and really be a motivation and the help they need to be able to reach goals. It's what I am passionate about. 

-I am going through an online, year-long Health Coach Program through IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition) and I am already in the early early stages of getting things together for my own business. I am super excited to combine health coaching to my career. 

-I also hope to write my own book/ebook one day. Not sure what it will be about yet, but I know I'd like to.

Never be afraid to have goals and chase after them. I get down about whether or not people will even read my blog, and I definitely have my moments when I feel I won't succeed at a health coach business. But it's what I want and it's what I am passionate about, so I am going after it!

Better yet, I'll call it: My PLAN.